Preliminary Scientific Program

The scientific program of the 4th EAZ Conference consists in 4 Plenary lectures, 4 Keynote lectures, Oral and Short Oral Communications and Posters.

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“Zeolites as nano reactors. Going beyond the active sites”

Prof. Avelino CORMA

“Metal-Organic Frameworks:  What is unique?”

Prof. Stefan KASKEL 

“Mechanism understanding of methanol to hydrocarbon reaction and its application to processes”

Prof. Zhong-Min LIU 

“Replacement Strategy:  Synthesis of Complex Zeolites with Simple OSDAs”

Prof. Tatsuya OKUBO



“Weakly Brönsted acid zeolites: Nature and tailoring of the active sites”

Prof. Gabriele CENTI

“Zeolitic materials in the twilight zone between amorphous and crystalline”

Prof. Valentin VALTCHEV 

 “Capture of Bad Guys from Our Environment with Zeolite”

Prof. Kyung Byung YOON

“Fabrication of nanosized and hierarchical single crystalline zeolite crystals”

Prof. Jihong YU


Oral, Short Oral and Poster presentations

The Conference room will be equipped with a range of AV facilities.

All the speakers are invited to prepare their presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt) format. The presentations should preferably be uploaded on the computers of the conference room, in the morning of the same day the presentation is scheduled, at the latest during the coffee or lunch break before the session.

Posters will be also displayed in a large area situated immediately adjacent to the conference room. The dimensions of the poster should not exceed 90 cm wide x 120 cm high. Fixing material will be provided.

Poster session set-up time: start at h 15:00 on January 28th 

Posters should be removed by the presenting author.